Senin, 18 Mei 2015

The Flash, the Best Super Powered TV Series of This Year

Superhero series are become more and more popular these days, with marvel universe movie series and DC, superhero become one of the best theme on entertainment these days. Now, almost every superhero character from five decades ago, which come from comic books are come to real life. You can find captain America, avenger and even the flash. The flash has come into a real life action television shows and become one of the most popular TV series according to rotten tomatoes with 96 percent and certified fresh!
The flash is about a young CSI investigator, Barry Allen starred by grant gustin that trying to solve a case about his mother murder and try to free his father from accusation. However, when a science experiment goes wrong, several people in the city gain some superpower. Barry gains his super speed power from this accident and chooses heroic ways to use his super speed power to help his surrounding and his city. Barry work together with the crew at STAR Labs and work his super power to solve problem caused by other people that affected by the science experiment and gain super power.
Barry Allen or the flash got the slick new suit from Cisco and Caitlin, the STAR Labs crews and advice from wells to solve every problem he had when fighting criminal. The flash also meets the arrow and working together to solve some case. In fact, the flash is being made as spin off of another TV series called “the arrow”.
The villain on the flash can be pretty ridiculous or rather, familiar. You can find a crook that can control weather, scientist that capable to create replica of him, hitman that capable to transform into poison gas or even gorilla with smart brain. Every single villain are being taken from the comics, however the real villain is playing through the shows smartly and connect each part of this series into great series.
The flash inspires more hope than fear, vibrates with superhero movies and really fun. The relationship between characters is delightful and sometime appealing and deeply felt. The rest of characters, the effect of each super power and also the romance between Barry and several characters in this TV series feel impressive. This is my favorite new show of the season and every single episode is encouraging me to see more of them. The flash is a superhero show that geared toward genre fans as well as novices.